Build an experience your customers will love on WhatsApp

Engage customers, generate leads, take orders, send notifications, automate marketing and support customers on WhatsApp with Jumper’s unified conversational platform

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verified WhatsApp Business Solution Provider


Increase your customer support efficiency

Enable your Support Agents to seamlessly manage more conversations with your customers and help achieve your business goal with WhatsApp Business API


Team Inbox

Enable multiple team member to assist with customers through a single WhatsApp Business number

Automated Responses

Exceed your customers’ expectations and send immediate responses to frequent customer queries about product prices, ingredients, shipping, order status, return policies, installation instructions and more.

Human bot transfer

Enable live agents to monitor automated conversations, take over the bot and pass conversations back to the bot at any time.


Enhance your brand experience

Leverage WhatsApp conversations to build a deep brand connection that drives favourability across the consumer lifecycle.


Demand Generation

Efficiently and effectively qualify high-value leads and gather additional data points that help your team gain on-going insights about your customers interests, preferences and reservations about your product or service.

Automated Notifications

Give customers easy accessibility and keep them in the loop by sending automated notifications for order confirmation, shipping updates, servicing reminders, reschedule updates and more over WhatsApp.

Chatbot Builder

Create interactive 2 way experiences with custom chatbots, to engage customers, generate leads, share your brand story,  run surveys, upsell products, drive customers to store and more on WhatsApp.

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Convert sales on WhatsApp

Guide customers to the product they love and enable purchase with automated bots and human sales advisors


Rich Customer Profile

Offer a personalized experience for your customers taking into account their purchase history, past interactions, preferences, custom data fields and tags.

In-built Commerce

Share products and services, create orders on behalf of your customers, and convert sales right on WhatsApp.

Sync with CRM

Keep your inventory, orders, shipping, taxes, discount and store settings in sync with your ecommerce management tools at all times.

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  • Agent Assisted Sales

  • Cart Recovery Reminders

  • Order Receipts

  • Shipping Updates

  • Post-sales support and upsell

  • WhatsApp ordering

  • Order Tracking

  • Table Reservation

  • Customer Service

  • Test Drive booking

  • After-sales service

  • Breakdown Assistance

  • Vehicle Subscriptions

  • Lead Generation

  • Policy Quotes & Sales

  • Claim Filling

  • Customer service

  • Account Management

  • Loan Application

  • Credit Card Application

  • Transaction Alerts

  • Client-Agent Interaction Management (Wealth)

  • OTP Notifications

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Looking to create WhatsApp Business Solutions for your agency clients?


Yes! Jumper is an approved WhatsApp API Business Solutions Provider, and utilises the official APIs.

Yes! Jumper can help you port your current WhatsApp number to the WhatsApp Business API number.

You can reach out to users who have opted-in to your service at any time. If they message you, you can exchange unlimited messages within a 24 hour period, at no extra cost. After 24 hours, you need to use an Highly Structure Messages ("HSM") template if you want to reach out to them.

Note: Additional charges apply for messaging users outside the 24 hour window.

The opt-in is the consent users give you to receive messages in WhatsApp. It needs to be done via a third-party channel.

Highly Structured Messages are template messages your company can define and, once approved by WhatsApp, use them to reach out to users after 24 hours from their first contact.

The ‘green tick’ is a verified business profile badge provided by WhatsApp. We understand that it is currently limited for international brands or those with a high volume of message exchange.

Jumper offers integrations with the most popular ecommerce and CRM systems. We also offer custom integrations with enterprise software and proprietary solutions.

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