Advance consumers from discovery to consideration with a single ad

Build immediate personal connections with your target audience, drive brand adoption, gather intricate consumer insights and serve more personalized marketing to your consumers with Jumper.

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Get a wider reach and deeper engagement

Give your consumers a personalized brand experience right with Google AdLingo Ads, built within Area 120, Google's in-house incubator for experimental projects.


Benefits for advertisers

Connect at scale

Combine the power of automated chatbots and the reach of Google Display Ads to 90% of global internet users and over 3 Million websites to drive high engagement on your ads.


Conversational ads invite your consumers to engage with your brand natively on the page while they are in a discovery mindset, helping you generate valuable insights by identifying your consumers pain points and preferences with each conversation.


 Get the same reach as display ads, while closing the funnel faster by delivering all the information your customer needs to choose your product or service.

Achieve your business goals.

AdLingo ads are especially effective in the use cases where a conversation is valuable

Consumer Surveys

Collect first party data and improve consumer experience by using personalized conversations to get deeper insights on their preferences.

Build Brand Image

Leverage conversations to build a deep brand connection that drives awareness and favorability.

Product Education

Educate consumers, address misconceptions and build trust with FAQ-style conversations about your products and service.

Guided Shopping

Guide customers to the products they love with personal shopping assistants and enable them to place orders in chat.

Drive to Store

Encourage consumers to visit your stores, try products, redeem codes and buy what’s right for them. Easily attribute conversions with our custom app.

Demand Generation

Efficiently and effectively qualify leads with a single ad impression– while maintaining a CPM comparable to standard ads.


Craft an ideal experience for your customers with Jumper

Analyze and understand

Get real-time view of your customers’ conversations to quickly identify and optimize messages where your customers are struggling or dropping off.

Uncover hidden opportunities

Exceed your customers’ expectations and make their experience more natural with automated responses to additionally expected customer queries.

Track and Measure outcomes

Get your ads’ performance reports in your Adlingo Dashboard within one day of launch.

Get the big picture

Get deeper insights about your consumers preferences and brand perception while protecting the user privacy.

Harmonize with your Stack

Make it intuitive and easy for your team by streamlining your AdLingo Experience with your current CRM and e-commerce tools.

Unite your marketing

Scale your AdLingo experience to ads on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, as well as across your affiliates websites and influencer blog

Trusted by market leaders, built for all


Looking to create Conversational ads for your agency clients?


With Google AdLingo Ads, advertisers place their conversational assistants inside interactive display ad units, and reach their target audience at scale.

AdLingo is available under our Enterprise plan. Please reach out to our sales to further discuss eligibility criteria for ad campaigns.

The cost of AdLingo Ads is calculated based on CPMs (cost per thousand impressions). Reach and CPMs depend on a variety of factors, including targeting. We can help you estimate the costs based on your advertising objectives.

At this time, your will be able to track impressions, clicks and engagement metrics through Google. You can also track metrics on clicks, engagement and drop offs at each conversation stage with Jumper.

The transcript of the conversation will be between the user and your brand, which your assigned team can access through the Jumper Dashboard. Jumper ensures that the handling of the transcript and data is in accordance with your Brands’ privacy policy. AdLingo or Google will not store any record of the transcript.

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