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Social media is increasingly influential in consumers’ purchase decisions
Let Jumper help you leverage the potential of social media and turn your followers into customers

"You can use social media to turn strangers into friends, friends into customers and customers into salespeople."
- Seth Godin

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Over 80% of followers reach out to brands via social media, its time you engage them!


Messaging is becoming the tool of choice for consumers to interact with businesses. With over 90% open rates your brand will get higher engagement than any other channel.


Automation and chatbots empower brands and businesses to directly engage the consumer leading them through a unique purchase experience.


Make a sale, collect an email address, distribute free samples, or redirect to an app download all within the Jumper platform.

Bridging the gap between social engagement and ticket sales. Disney used Jumper to create a conversational bot that engaged users through their social channels and ended with a ticket purchase.

  • 18X Page engagement
  • 68% Sales conversion

Product sampling for ice-creams traditionally requires a pop-up store or booth in an area with a lot of foot traffic. The samples are intended to get users to try and fall in love with the product. However, conversion rates are often very low.

Jumper helped Ben and Jerry’s massively increase the engagement and sales form a simple sample campaign that launches their Pint Slices. Thanks to the campaign’s significantly streamlined process and personalized experience engagement rates were far higher than any other form of sampling campaign.

  • 2.2X Consumer insights
  • 100% Redemptions

Endless Opportunities

Expand your imagination

Social Commerce

Sell directly on the platform your users are most engaged with.

Product Launches & Sampling

Engage customers and create a buzz all while launching and selling your brand new products.

Promotions & Contests

Engage with your customers and inform them of upcoming promotions and giveaways.

Influencer Driven Commerce

Drive direct sales through your influencers and measure the ROI by campaign and influencer.

Flash Sales

Run your flash sales through Jumper to see your products fly off the shelf.


Re-engage your customers to get immediate feedback and valuable data-points.

See how Jumper can help sell direct to customers.

See how Jumper can help sell direct to customers.

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